Lance Morgan

His entire life, Lance Morgan has been a leader in everything he’s done. If you knew Lance, you’d agree that he is reliable, trustworthy and confident. Lance is not a salesperson; he just speaks his mind.

When Lance advises people, his instincts, values and goals align with theirs, and this is when the magic happens. Lance likes to solve problems. To his core, he is a giving person, he embraces personal betterment, and he enjoys empowering others with his knowledge and experience.

With more than four decades of crafting certain traits, combined with more than 17 years of mortgage experience and helping thousands of families finance homes, Lance is proud to say he’s mastered his craft. Best of all, Lance loves what he does and is happy with the person he has become.

Lance believes the mortgage process should be simple and transparent. His mortgage services come with a speed to respond and a reliable system delivered with confidence. Lance courageously challenges the status quo!